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Edited: We’ve explicitly made it a rule that friends & family payments are not allowed on DFS, even though PayPal already disallows this for random purchases.

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The admin team has been asked why we do not have a No PayPal Gift rule in our BST rules.

The reasoning behind this is simple.  When we set out to create a new forum, we envisioned a forum without an overbearing number of official rules.  The more rules in place anywhere, the harder it becomes to keep track of everything.  So we will not be creating a new rule against this practice.  Instead, as with everything else here, we are going to rely on our members to respect the Terms of Service of other service providers.

DFS does not need a rule barring this.  The rule is already in place with everyone's PayPal user agreement.  Whether we have a rule in place or not, people will still bypass this rule to try and save a buck.  The admin and mod team of DFS do not condone such action, and neither should a buyer.

PayPal's Terms of Service are clear on this matter.  A buyer who decides to bypass the PayPal fees has ZERO recourse should the transaction go poorly, and any buyer may feel free to report any seller who tries to bypass PayPal's rules directly to PayPal.  We assure you, PayPal will take action.  Sometimes this is a 3-6 month freeze on an account (including freezing the funds in the account), this can mean the closure of the seller's PayPal account, or as in some instances it will result in the conversion of an account into a "merchant" account.

Again, the admin and mod team of DFS is not going to create our own rule about this.  There is no need.  We would however ask everyone to follow the Terms of Service of outside service providers.  

The admin and mod team of DFS

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I'm bumping this because apparently it's still a problem for some.

I'd strongly urge everyone to never send a payment as a gift unless you truly know the person you're 'gifting' a payment too. once sending it as a gift, you remove any and all buyer protections from paypal, and if they catch you sending gift payments to non-friends & family, they'll likely close your account.

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Once again, this needs to be bumped.  To all of you who participate in our B/S/T, please take a moment to read post #1 here.  Thank you. Happy2

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