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I'm wanting to go a little more aggressive than the 34 hd razor but I don't want to be a blood bath either. Anybody got suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Shim your 34 HD before you buy a new razor. Will give you a little more aggressiveness with a razor that you are familiar with. I started with an EJ DE89 then when the RAD got the best of me I bought a Razorock Slab for a little more aggressiveness. Was a good "next" step but again I would advise shimming your know razor first.
Bob from Virginia
I started with that very razor and while there were some razors in-between here in terms of how my aggressiveness pattern went it looked something like this 34HD, Parker Hefty 97R, Fattip Piccilo and Grande, Muhle R41 and Ikon Shavecraft Tech.

I would HIGHLY encourage you to get a Parker 97 R.  It's more aggressive that the 34HD and built in the same manner so your technique won't be an issue.  Handle and weight are close to the 34HD with the Parker being a tad heavier.  it runs about 30.00 So you're not out a ton of money if you determine a more aggressive razor isn't for you.   If you do determine it is for you, it's a razor you'll likely hold onto even after you purchase a more aggressive razor down the line.  I still shave with mine regularly and enjoy it as a break from the Ikon Tech or Muhle R41 and still find it as great a close shaver as the day I got it.

Sounds like your looking to progress much like I did a couple years ago up the "aggressive ladder" so to speak.  I can't recommend enough the Parker 97 R as a razor that fits the mold of what you're looking for.   Another option would be the vintage Fatboy Adjustable this would let you increase the level of aggressiveness as you desire.  The only caveat there is that is a butterfly razor which, some people don't enjoy. 

As to shimming your razor, that's up to you.  Chances are you are going to buy more razors anyway and to me, shimming is a process that if not done correctly and you don't know what you are doing becomes a very dangerous endeavor to save 30.00-70.00

I understand why during the 30's and 40's men shimmed their razors, the depression was going on or just ended and people were finding methods to save money.  I've shimmed razors before and basically decided it wasn't worth the time or risk, and just ordered the more aggressive razor I was seeking.  It's not hard to trade or sell razors if you don't like them after using them for a bit anyway.  Just my suggestions take them as you will.  Look at the Parker 97R... I think it's what you are looking for.
Could I find any older razors at a antique shop maybe?
>>> Brian <<<
Happy beeps, buddy! Happy beeps!
I went from a EJ DE89 to a Fatip Grande without TOO many problems. I really like the Fatip, and I think it is a great value at around 20-25 bucks for an all brass razor! It is on the more aggressive side of the spectrum though.

Woodstock, VT
Chaddy, I would also consider a slant and more specifically two razors in particular. The Razorock Stealth Slant, and the Ikon Shavecraft 102. Not too far off from the HD but, to me, so much smoother and capable of shaving many more days of heavy growth with ease.

The Stealth (with some luck) can be picked up on the BST.

The Shavecraft 102 is being sold right now by Ikon with the OSS handle (which works really well with this head.)

Two great razors.

Good Luck!

Woodstock, VT
Also a Gillette New (long or short comb) from Delta Echo might be a nice choice too.

Georgia or Texas
You might be able to find a vintage Gillette New at a local antique store. I think I paid about 5 bucks for mine. It's my second favorite razor (New Deluxe) in my collection. Worth every bit of that Lincoln for sure. In fact I love it so much I've contemplated on many occasions having it completely restored and replated..

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