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Taking Back Your Face

Ready to take the plunge into the wondrous world of Traditional Wet Shaving? With the prices of cartridge razors being what they are and the inferior "one size fits all" shaves they provide, millions of Men (and women) are returning back to time tested methods of shaving; Shave Soap, Shave Brush and Safety Razor!

"But I'm in a Club!"

Sure there are cartridge blade clubs you can join and save some cash, but is it really worth the subpar shave?

If you are serious about really saving money and getting the best, healthiest shave possible, a safety razor is where it's at. First off, blades cost just pennies! That's right, 100 Double Edge Blades cost an average of $9-$15! Compare that to your club prices. Simply put, you have been paying far too much for the wrong tool for the job, that in the end, does more harm than good.

More harm than good? Really?

Sadly, it looks that way folks. Before cartridge razors there was no talk of razor burn or ingrown hairs like there is today. They didn't even make products for such modern symptoms!
You see, every time you drag a blade across your face you take off a layer of skin. Is there any wonder why most men think they have sensitive skin and hate to shave? A cartridge is designed to cut with the first blade, lift with the second, cut with the third and so on...being cut so short the hair then drops way below the surface of the skin and and begs to become ingrown! (or is it lift, cut, lift, cut?)

Back to Basics

A safety razor requires just a single blade, you decide how many times it passes across your face. Most men do an average of two-three passes, reapplying warm lather with the brush in between passes.

Passes are usually With The Grain (WTG), then Across The Grain (XTG), and lastly, Against The Grain (ATG). That's right, I said against the grain! Unlike when using a multi-blade razor, it is actually ok to go against the grain with a safety razor.

Customize Your Shave

There are also thousands of brands of Double Edged Blades to choose from, so in time, you can find the one that works best for your own unique face, skin and hair doesn't need to be "One Size Fits All" fact, it never should have been!

Just Like blades, there are many types of safety razors, soaps and brushes to choose from too giving the consumer a truly customized shave, suited solely for them. You can't get that kind of shave from a cartridge razor, plus the process is quite enjoyable and has even been described as meditative...BONUS!

Traditional Shaving is Naturally Eco Friendly

Unlike shaving cream in a can, a shave soap contains no harsh chemicals like propellants and other things difficult to pronounce. There's is also zero waste left over, unlike those metal spray cans that make their way with those plastic razors into the landfill.

Then there's the natural exfoliating action of the brush lifting hairs, hydrating as well as lightly massaging the face in a warm lather, the perfect preparation for a shave; simply luxurious. You don't get this from that cold, sterile "goo in a can".

Feel Good About Making the Switch

Join the millions of men (and women) who have decided to take their shaves back from "Big Razor", free their faces and stop being slaves to inferior cartridge razor shaves!

~ Good for your face
~ Good for your wallet
~ Good for the planet

Where to Start?

Honestly, there is no better way to begin Traditional Wet Shaving than with one of our starter kits! Curated by a wet shaver for wet shavers, as it is with all our products. I mean it, this is finally a Traditional Wet Shaving Starter Kit with Some Soul!

I really took the time putting together what I would have loved to have had in my first shave kit...had there been starter kits back then!  Seriously, going cheap on this kit was not an option. Meaning, every component is one of our top sellers and customer favorites. Each piece has its own story and history and this kit is just another part of their evolution; the heart of shaving!

Stop Being A Slave To The Cartridge Razor Shave!

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