Anybody else not like this blade? I tried a couple of shaves with one and it’s very close to the worse blade I’ve tried. Could I have gotten a dud?
I really liked them, to me they feel very similar to the Gillette Nacet.

West Central Georgia
I have a tuck on order for testing.

West Central Georgia
Tried a Sputnik out today in my Slim Adjustable set on 5, and got a very smooth and close shave. 3 passes and a BBS. I am extremely impressed after this first use. Now to see if I can get 5-6 similar shaves from it and it will be in my 'reorder' category.

New Zealand
I don't mind the Sputnik blades.
Not my first choice though. Can be a tad rough.
But certainly way ahead of Bolzanos for example.
In my use the Nacets are way better. Depends (as always) on your razor, soap, skin type, whiskers, and technique.
I see no need to buy Sputniks though, if the price is similar to GSB's, Rubies, Nacets, etc.

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West Central Georgia
I finished shave #3 on my first Sputnik, and it was insanely smooth and wickedly efficient. From the supplier I use they are slightly cheaper than the other Gillette blades so I may purchase a small stash. I am testing GSBs and Sharpedges next just to see how they compare.

At this point the Sputniks are edging into my leaderboard.

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West Central Georgia
Today was shave #6 on my first Sputnik. I have cranked the Slim down to 3 on my last 2 shaves with it, and it's almost like there isn't a blade in the razor yet I'm getting very good DFS+ shaves without even having to go ATG. It doesn't feel like the blade is slowing down so far so the longevity appears to be very good for this blade for me.

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