Off today and organized some stuff....you know what that means. SPRING/SUMMER CUT TIME!

I have seriously limited room and can't have all this stuff in the cabinet. It messes with my admittedly minor OCD but still, it messes with it. ON WITH THE PICS:

Spring summer stuff that made the cut:

[Image: pPVMFrXl.jpg]

After almost two (?! really?) years of doing this I know what works in the summer for me...I work outside, it's the desert and it gets brutally hot. This stuff cools me off after a shower/shave every day after work.

Brushes that made it: 

[Image: PspStgsl.jpg]

L to R:

Turn N Shave....this thing is just a beast.....kind of crispy when dry but super soft gel tips when wet. Got this in a trade a year ago and it's  awesome.
Envy boar: This thing showed up as a Christmas present....was like a ROCK when I got it but I did the fridge treatment on it and it's one of my favorite brushes now, plus they don't stay warm like badgers do, so I'm stoked to try the boars for summer shaves as this is the first year I've used them.
OG Grizzly Bay....this was my 1st artisan brush and it's always in the rotation just because it's uber soft and broken in really well, plus the handle shape rules.
Newer TDR v4 Fanchurian....I do a lot of blue colored shaves and this thing just looks awesome; not too set on the v4 but it's coming along and I think it'll end up great.
Lowborn Supply with an Envy White for that uber soft badger day.
Turn N Shave boar....again, this is a great handle shape and it'll be nice to switch out boars for super hot days using Terror.

The box of stuff that didn't make the cut:

[Image: Lob4a0Nl.jpg]

For reference, that box is about 2 feet long, a foot wide and a foot deep. There's a LOT of stuff in there, which is why I had to make the cut, there's just no room in the cabinet. This stuff goes in the back of my closet for the good weather, and comes back out like winter clothes.

What are you guys cutting, if anything?

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Raising money for Coco the Italian Greyhound's cancer treatments:

* Soaps down to last 2 of way too many deep supply - nothing being dropped just multiples above 2
* Brushes and going to be some nice ones including Varlet and others similar
* Frags - have not decided which yet

t[Image: W9wgjGq.jpg]

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Aw damn....good luck with it man, hope she gets better!

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I’ve been meaning to do this, I’ve got several in my head that are definitely going to make the cut for Spring/Summer. Will post pics as soon as I put my final cut together.

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Nice man, be glad to see it!

My cut was premature; it’s still snowing here dammit.

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Love that Diamond!

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