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Athens, Greece
Summer is coming, temperature reached 34 degrees Celcius last week.
Flowers are blooming in our garden, I took some photos and thought I'd share. I live in Athens, Greece.

[Image: 99054f55ca1e716fc42a7f683cfebd30.jpg][Image: bcab3c114e907330ec610dd700d67bcf.jpg][Image: d9b2070ac913cb62b5bcebf8ef957fff.jpg][Image: 6516cef6d3d32f61ac459254cac01e51.jpg][Image: c6aeeb4c27086453d039f4c39faf7957.jpg][Image: 7351136841d31633b061b6bf72283f38.jpg][Image: d175d76dac9c80ed684401a230f1dd8b.jpg][Image: ab0faa8b0b47d2eb3ef350de07b05753.jpg][Image: 0c323391a71756f638f9ac8bb41c7221.jpg][Image: 76c96f98cae2532d81e6d04ca62ffca2.jpg][Image: a2cf370a5ad90ade7dbef094905f4734.jpg][Image: 023ec6b22184023f19056805783dbec3.jpg][Image: 44abccf161ff18382cb4d2429f44220c.jpg][Image: 7c015a1f1d0616dc4be29d191c7b6556.jpg][Image: 0df78f7656e95074fa34ed45c88f406d.jpg][Image: 0a84d47999a9bd28256e085f5dae9f20.jpg][Image: 28c1ae7c82e1741987819b2f0ae40dfd.jpg][Image: 9bf443d98cddce14a4c4eeab89a4d0a3.jpg][Image: 3b2d2400b37e6b3b37c7c8076cebf037.jpg]

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Woodstock, VT
Nick, beautiful photos!  I was just out toiling in the garden and came in to see this. Lovely flowers. Smile

Glad to see the Photography thread coming to life!

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Athens, Greece
Thanks a lot, Max!

The only problem is that there are many mosquitoes from May to late October. Way too many. This can be a problem when you just want to relax and drink your coffee...

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Lovely photos, Nick. Happy2

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Love, Laughter & Shaving  Heart
Great photos! You have a beautiful flower garden. Thanks for sharing!

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nikos.a , that's a fantastic flower garden. What is the flower in the first and last photo? Looks like a hummingbird

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San Diego, Cal., USA
HoosierShaver, that is a Bird of Paradise and gets its name from the bird the plant suggests. It is fairly common here in San Diego.

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It's a beautiful garden Nick! Does it take lots of time to maintain it?

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Toronto, Ont. Canada

Such a spectacular garden should be enjoyed.

Here are some items which might enable you to derive the pleasure you deserve from it.


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Athens, Greece
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(05-23-2017, 01:36 AM)HoosierShave Wrote: nikos.a , that's a fantastic flower garden. What is the flower in the first and last photo? Looks like a hummingbird

Thank you very much! It's called Strelitzia reginae, but it's also known as the bird of paradise as Freddy already said. It's probably the most beautiful flower I've ever seen. It loves sun. I have planted a few in a spot with no sunlight and no flowers are blooming.

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