I could not agree more.  Wink

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Interesting article.

I have always contended that I have a tough beard and sensitive skin. According to the things Mantic listed, I qualify on both counts.

Having a tough beard and sensitive skin, however, is no excuse for not getting a great shave. With the proper beard preparation, a great lather, the right razor and blade, and good shaving technique, I can get a near BBS shave with zero irritation. However, it took me a lot of experimentation over 55 years of shaving to get the quality shaves I now enjoy.

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Grey hair bleaches itself from within and is coarser and harder to cut......
I always suspected my grey beard was the reason sharpest blades appealed to me. Lucky in that I don’t yet have any skin issues to go with the tough grey hair. Great read. Thanks for the post.

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(06-28-2020, 02:41 AM)BPman Wrote: I could not agree more.  Wink 
Every newbie I've read of he has always thick beard and sensitive skin.
It's a matter of fact ... which usually fades away in the first hundreds of shaves.

(06-28-2020, 12:58 PM)Lipripper660 Wrote: Grey hair bleaches itself from within and is coarser and harder to cut.
This too It's easy to manage with the right technique.
A good preparation and a low cutting angle make miracles.
I was used to shave my old father in the last days.
With a hot cloth, a little preshave oil well massaged, and a EJ DE89 with Astra SP.
Every day one pass ATG (Advanced Technique), and he was smooth all the day.

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(06-28-2020, 12:58 PM)Lipripper660 Wrote: Grey hair bleaches itself from within

IIRC, it is the hydrogen peroxide that the body naturally makes.

good lather has no suds
I never considered myself to have sensitive skin, I always joked around that I’m allergic to bad technique, but a visit to the doctor and a couple of experiences with some soaps and products changed my mind. I have to wear safety glasses at work pretty much all day and I noticed that where the glasses rested on my nose and to the sides I got a small patch of inflamed skin. It looked bad and My doctor prescribed a mild steroid for my face. Doctor said it’s probably the rubber/silicone resting on my skin along with sweat for hours that did it.

Fast forward a few months and I noticed that soaps that are scented with patchouli makes my face tingle or burn depending on the soap. BaM Seville, Lyssa, AnE Tertius, Maggards London Barbershop, etc, all hurt to use.

So I have sensitive skin being told so by my doctor, but shaving with a safety razor or cartridge don’t cause me any problems at all. I recently bought an aloe Vera gel to mix with some alcohol aftershaves to make a gel aftershave to make applying easier and all it did was mess my face up pretty bad.

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