Arizona, USA

Rather Than Fireworks This Year, We Thought We'd Highlight Another Nostalgic Element Off The Smell Track Of Summer Life In The USA!
Talk about lip-smacking goodness...for your schnoz?

Scent Profile: Hickory Wood, BBQ Spices, Smoke, Char & Cedar 

[Image: 1duAJ6H.jpg]

Thinking back to my childhood I remember almost everything being cooked on the grill during the summer. As well as the other estival* ephemera; Freezer Pops, Capri Sun, TAB, Pepsi, NERDS, Volley Ball, Horseshoes, Chlorine, Friends and BBQ. Even when it wasn't the 4th there was still a smokiness to summer, and that's exactly what we are trying to do here with Space Of July! 

FIRST 50 BUNDLES Include LE, Collectible, Holographic Label!

While the name may seem to suggest an homage to Independence Day, it's also letting folks know they could, no...should, be wearing this juice throughout the entire month of July. Maybe even into September. Approach this as you would grilling in the backyard. Some of you I suspect grill year round & god bless ya.

We Make It Easy To Whip Up Some Summer Nostalgia W/ Space Of July! Happy 4th Shave Cadets!

*Real word, not a typo.

"Getting You In A Lather Since 2012, Phoenix Shaving!"  #SpaceOfJuly #HickorySmoked #PhoenixShaving #PhoenixArtisanAccoutrements #Artisan #ShaveSoap #Aftershave #SummerSeasonal #TrySomethingDifferent #AShaveNewWorld

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