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Space Nog & Lump Of Coal...Plus a chance to score a $50 Gift Card from PAA!

The Return of a Classic & Space Nog an Instant Classic!

Well folks, I hate to do this to you again but we need to roll out another wave of holiday awesomeness! Between the holidays, travel and moving into our new warehouse we are a little under the gun to get all your festive favorites out and some new surprises as well...madness I say!

Space Nog?

Scent Profile: Brown Sugar, Nutmeg, Vanilla, Light Cinnamon, West Indian Bay, Tonka Bean, Benzoin Resin & Spiced Rum.

Meet Space Nog, a new holiday offering for us that I am predicting will become an instant classic!

Space Nog consists of: Aftershave/Cologne Splash, CK6 Artisan Shave Soap, Standard CK Formula Artisan Shave Soap, 4 Oz Star Jelly Aftershave, Argan Body Soap and Shampoo/Conditioner Puck!

First off, I am absolutely infatuated with this scent, Rich, Creamy, Spiced, Traditional Egg Nog with a splash of Atomic Age Bay Rum...yeah, that happened. Seriously, this is possibly our most addictive scent to date and I am not even a huge gourmand fan! I'm pretty certain this will make real egg nog jealous.

Much like Atomic Pumpkin, blending Egg Nog with Atomic Age Bay Rum seemed like a no brainer. I mean, we all know the best Egg Nog has a splash of spiced rum in it...Santa's Little Helper as dad called it. However, it was not as easy as it sounds.

Available in our Regular 4 oz Crown King Formula & in our Ultra Premium CK-6 5 oz Formula! Choice is good.

Admittedly, I created more than a few variations on this blend before I nailed it. The first few versions were too Bay heavy or too Rum heavy. The Nog was present, but just not leading the way - That had to change. What I finally ended up with was truly something magical, smooth and pretty damn nostalgic.

Vanilla Hydrosol

I know many of you have heard me talk about hydrosol in the past and how it is a key part of what sets our aftershaves apart from the rest, Space Nog is no different in its genetic make up.

Many will use purified water in their splashes which is fine, but it adds nothing. Unless that is what you are going for, but it's not how I roll. I am all about subtle ghost notes or grace notes; elements you may not immediately notice but would notice if they were not there...like the lack of an arm rest in the rental car you just picked up, not a big deal, but it could be better (true story). Hydrosols add this other layer/dimension and bolster up the depth of the fragrance, and essentially add to the overall experience. Experience is REALLY important to us, if you have not noticed.

In the case of Space Nog, I chose to roll up my sleeves and distill my my own vanilla hydrosol from Madagascar Vanilla Beans, the best in the world! I don't believe anyone else is doing this especially for what Madagascar Vanilla Bean currently trades at, second to saffron...but it's oh so worth it!

Along with some ratio balancing and bending it was the inclusion of my Vanilla Hydrosol that really took the edge off the top and smoothed out the final variation of this juice. Nothing but the best for my customers...plus I need to wear the stuff too and won't settle for a half ass concoction. (There is a do unto others lesson somewhere in that.)

Year Long Staying Power

I should also mention, though Space Nog is a holiday scent, much like CANE, I can see MANY returning to this stuff all year round for the scent is really intoxicating...I mean it! That said, would love to hear what you think if this years holiday release, Space Nog! Email me personally: douglas@phoenixshaving.com

Space Nog for the win!

It's year 3 for this Naughty Wet Shaver's Classic!

[Note: do not mistake this for simply a gag gift!]

Scent Profile: Cool, Green, Woody, Metallic, Holly Berry, Coal Stove-ish and Hints of Dark Chocolate.

Lump of Coal consists of: Aftershave/Cologne Splash, CK6 Artisan Shave Soap, Standard CK Formula Artisan Shave Soap, and 2 Oz Fun Size Star Jelly!

Once more we chose to ignore our gut and listen to our customers, meaning, this is year 3 for Lump Of Coal and this will be the first year we ever offered a matching splash...but the people have spoken!

Available in our Regular 4 oz Crown King Formula & in our Ultra Premium CK-6 5 oz Formula!

I gotta say, Lump Of Coal is pretty nice, especially after it dries down. I can say for certain that fans of our popular First Due will appreciate Lump Of Coal.

If I were to categorize this I'd say it is Industrial Gourmand. I know what you're thinking, Doug, that's not a thing. Only it is...NOW! See how that works? Smile

Longtime customers may have noticed I tacked on "Hints of Dark Chocolate" (in the Scent Profile) and not remember this from last years version. I swear I added nothing *new it's just the scent takes on a whole new shape in its new splash form. So much so, it has really forced me to have a deeper appreciation for the soap as well. For real, I now smell things in it I never picked up before!

Hand Formed

it's true folks, each one of these lumps were hand formed by me, a process that takes 2 days...and is a sight to behold. Close your eyes now and imagine me sporting an ugly xmas sweater (day 1) and an ugly flannel (day 2), apparel that I don't mind sacrificing to the gods of coal and blasting Christmas Elvis, gloved up and elbow deep in black sludge. There is ritual here that I am certain adds to the final product, conditions must be perfect! I'm not a Rabbi, in the religious sense, but I am certain my approach is similar to the kosher process...or I'm daft. That reminds me, Happy Hanukah too!

Activated Charcoal = Slick

It's true and I wish I knew the science behind it, but Activated Charcoal is awesomely slick and will add to the post shave feel! I stumbled upon this realization by accident year one of making these black lumps of magic. I was so moved by the performance I created CUBE! That's right, my experimentation with LOC lead to CUBE...not that important, but who doesn't enjoy a little trivia?

WIN a $50 Gift Card!

I would be remiss if I failed to mention that within 2 lumps of coal are diamonds! One in CK6 Formula and one in our standard formula, to be fair. This has become a holiday tradition here and really makes the whole thing a lot of fun. Note: These diamonds are no best friend of Miss Monroe but made of plastic, but you get what we are going for.

*Peppermint Hydrosol

For the same reasons mentioned above for Space Nog, I opted to distill my own Peppermint Hydrosol. This wasn't to take the edge off however but more to soften the industrial aspect a bit, Holidize it. I may have made that word up, but again, you get it.

So let it be known, though Lump Of Coal does resemble a gag gift, it's actually much more. I know you'll be pleasantly amused and surprised at this one for sure!

Not only a great gift for yourself but also a great stocking stuffer for that wet shaver in your life!

ALSO, In case you missed it...

BOOM, I promised a full size Kiritimati Star Jelly and gosh darn it, I delivered on that promise folks! So grab some now and thank me later...this stuff just rocks, all the wise men are wearing it!

Scent Notes: Frankincense - Myrhh - West Indian Bay - Seaweed - Toasted Oak - Ambergris - Benzoin - Blue Spruce - Tobacco - Labdanum - Lavender  

Kiritimati is possibly the most rugged, bad ass, scent of the holiday Season! Bay Rum just got festive!

If an aftershave balm and alcohol based splash were to have a baby, our Star Jelly Aftershave Formula would be their love child.

Not to be confused with an alcohol free balm, meaning; this stuff still contains alcohol and a kiss of menthol to give you that classic splash feel at first. Then there is that familiar cool, dry down we all know and love...but something more is going on, something cosmic!

Unlike traditional balms, our Star Jelly absorbs rapidly into freshly shaven skin without any greasy, heavy feeling build up, leaving your skin moisturized and silky smooth.  A refreshing, alternative that you instantly will fall in love with!

"...It's the new old fashioned way!"

Sorry, got these tunes stuck in my head, feeling all jolly as I type this bad boy up at a random Starbucks in Arizona. "Brenda Lee is coming on strong."

Have A Wonderful Life...ahem, I mean Weekend folks! Also have a Happy Holiday & Merry Xmas...I'm sure we'll talk again before it's over but 'tis the season!

Shave On & Stay Groovy My Friends!
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