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#SOTD: 2/13/2016 - "When Daddy Comes Home"

Me (bottom):
Pre: Week-long business trip to Miami & a Hot shower
Soap: @phoenixshaving "Cane"
Brush: @bevel 2-band Finest Badger
Razor: 1960 F3 Gillette Fatboy Adjustable w/ Voskhod blade (2)
Post: Booster's Barbershop Classics "Polar Ice" aftershave.
An awesome shave for my face, the head left a bit to be desired, but I was slightly distracted with the kids shaving around me.
His (he's 6):
Soap: CatiesBubbles "S'more Love for Noah"
Brush & Razor: Mattel Cars shaving kit

Her's (she's 4): Soap: @firstcanadianshavesoap "Bay Rum & Lime"
Brush: Avon Gentleman's regiment Boar
Razor: Gillette Ball-end tech

Well, THAT was fun/messy!
#BeSmooth and #shaveitup, everyone!

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Shave It Up!
The Clean Shaver
Awesome to see you getting your kids involved! Big Grin

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