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We're heading into those mid-month shaves so let's see what we can muster. Winking

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The BBS-1.   Plisson EW 12.  Alvarez Gomez.  CRSW.

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(I think I know who No.1 is!)

Home of the Spud Potato

Sunday's Planned SOTD

[Image: M1m14L6.png]

Blade: Feather FHS (D1)
Brush: Bob Sears Beehive 26mm Manchurian
Bowl: Yoresh Scuttle
Pre Shave Scrub: MRGLO
Pre Shave Oil: Homemade Jasmine Creamsicle
Shave Soap: Beaver WoodWright Ghost Ship
Post: Monster Alum Block
Aftershave: Beaver WoodWright Ghost Ship

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Colchester, UK
[Image: img_2453.jpg]
VP Leonhardy shaving brush
Caties Bubbles La Terre Verte
Gillette Aristocrat Junior
Gillette Super Stainless (5)
Barbasol Pacific Rush aftershave

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Atlanta, GA
Gillette Red & Black New Deluxe
Feather (2)
Rudy Vey with Shavemac Finest
TSD Yin Yang
Witch Hazel
Folsom & Co Shambala
Whipped Shea Butter

[Image: 3345D1C2-2312-48A9-816F-0404FB55775E_zpse6mqpqpd.jpg]

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Metro Detroit
Seville Sunday
This was my first time using the OCMM two days in a row. The blade did not rust because I took it out of the razor and dried it. The shave was very efficient, but not as comfortable as my Futur, as indicated by AS sting and a little rough feeling during the shave. I got a BBS with a couple very small weepers on my lower neck. The scent of For Flint is a nice compliment to Seville as the share a citrus note.
Prep: Van Yulay PSO
Soap: B&M Seville
Brush: HIS
Razor: Gem OCMM
Blade: Rite-Aid
AS: TTFFC For Flint
[Image: 3af1a592b9cd83ce81e8cc177ca1ad2a.jpg]

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Winchester VA
[Image: aXp56eV.jpg]

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Hot Towel
Rubberset 400-3 w/TGN HMW
Merkur Progress
Gillette Silver Blue
Mitchell's Wool Fat
Floid Blue

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"He who hasn't faced adversity doesn't know his true strength. "

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Vault 111
SOTD: Sunday, March 6
Vintage Williams (Self-Mentholated)
Semogue OC Boar
British Gillette Parat
Polsilver SI (4)
Vintage Old Spice Leather AS
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Have a great day!

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