SOTD 20240505
Prep: Warm shower
Prep: Razorock pre barba
Bowl: Symmetrical Pottery
Brush: Wald Nimbus Bright Ivory J4
Soap: Noble Otter Orbit
Razor: Paradigm Shaving Diamantback TI
Blade: Derby Premium
Post: Alum Rub
AS: Dopo barba di Camaldoli

[Image: SOTD-20240505.jpg]

[Image: SOTD-29240505-1.jpg]

[Image: SOTD-20240505-2.jpg]

Best Regards

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Honolulu, Hawaii
[Image: HVKFZPB.jpeg]
Razor: Kampfe Bros. Star HR-14B Lather Catcher
Blade: Pal Carbon Steel Gem-type blade
Brush: Badlands Shaving 464 Valhalla Purple & Pearl
Pre-Shave: Proraso White Pre-Shave Cream
Lather: Truefitt & Hill Grafton
Aftershave: Truefitt and Hill Grafton Aftershave Balm
Additional Care:
  Thayers Facial Tonic Witch Hazel Unscented
  Imperial Leather Talcum Powder

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It’s a lot more fun being 20 in the ‘70s than 70 in the '20s  - Joe Walsh
[Image: zsdanDn.jpeg]

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I've been scaled. I'm smooth now.
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Preshave: Hot shower
Soap/Shave cream: Cella Red
Brush: Maggard 24mm Synthetic Marble Handle
Razor: 1940's Gillette Super Speed
Blade: Gillette Nacet (1)
Post shave: Pinaud Clubman

[Image: i-DVkQ22v-X2.jpg]

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gone to Carolina in my mind
[Image: XZYRrXn.jpeg]
Pre ...... Shower
Brush .... Wald A1 Synthetic (29mm)
Soap ..... Los Jabones de Joserra Brihuega
Razor .... Enders Speed Shaver w Mild Hendrix Adapter
Blade .... Proline B-20
Post ..... Witch Hazel with alcohol
Post ..... Amazon Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Serum
Post ..... Seven Minerals Aloe Vera Gel
Post ..... Dior Sauvage Elixir for Men

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Technique Trumps Tools
Skin Care Trumps Skin Repair

Be Cool, be Kind, and be Well
--  Mike --

Mike Distress
New Jersey
SOTD: 05/05/2024

Razor: Karve Christopher Bradley OC-F w/ Guilloche Handle
Blade: BIC Chrome Platimum, 5th use
Brush: Simpson T3 Ebony
Soap: PAA La Tierra Mojada
Aftershave: PAA La Tierra Mojada
Additional Care: Dickinson’s Witch Hazel Hydrating Toner

[Image: Py1Lal1.jpeg]

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integritas pietas fortitudinem

Home of the Spud Potato
Menthol Monday SOTD
[Image: ZC3gnHZ.jpg]

Razor: Schick Repeating Razor B2
Blade: Schick Injector (D1)
Brush: Oumo General - Platinum 27mm
Bowl: Supply Provision Marble 4.5"
Pre-Shave Scrub: PAA Ice Cube 2
Pre-Shave Balm: GroomingDept Mojito
Shave Soap: MAOL & Grooming Dept FrankinLime Iced
Balm: Butter: Luxx Jasmine Lime
Aftershave: MAOL FrankinLime

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Just Here for the Shaves
Williamsburg, KY
Monday May 6, 2024
Razor: Schick Type F Injector
Blade: Schick Injector
Brush: Paladin Vesuvius Winston/Badger
Soap: Ethos Watermelon Mint
AS : Witch Hazel + Ethos Watermelon Mint
Consecutive Daily Shaves - # 2,007
[Image: SCs5bg8.jpeg]

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Wacker with Mitchell's [Image: cO6PrGc.jpeg]

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Fantastic shave on this Cinco de Mayo. First time trying this Above the Tie razor. Used a Feather blade. Paired with Macduff’s soap = smooth as silk!

Pre: Shower
Brush: Unknown Brand
Razor: Above The Tie Slant (S1)
Soap: Macduff’s Kananaskis Explorer
Toner: Thayer‘s - Unscented
Splash: None Today
Serum: Jack Black Protein Serum
Balm: Zingari Man Aftershave Balm - Unscented
EDP: HC&C Mjolnir

3 Passes
No Knicks, Cuts, Irritation

[Image: zapzVZL.jpeg]

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