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Shaves with new products?  Old standbys?  Daily use?  Rarely used?  Let's seem 'em. Smile

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Chazz Reinhold HOF
Enjoy your Sunday shaves my friends!

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Home of the Spud Potato
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Sunday's Planned SOTD

[Image: B2j6jpY.jpg]

Razor: Gillette New LC
Blade: Gillette Spoiler (D9)
Brush: Zenith 506U Manchurian 26mm
Bowl: Beaver WoodWright 4.5"
Pre Shave Scrub: MRGLO
Pre Shave Oil: Homemade Iced Mojito
Shave Cream: Taconic Tequila Lime
Post: Monster Alum Block
Aftershave: Captain’s Choice Lime

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Surrey, UK
13/16 Tanifuji Fukutaro Cape Kennedy NT-77
Kanayama Cordovan #80000
BSB-2 2-Band Fan
Yardley Black Label Soap
Italian Floïd Blue AS

[Image: c9ebec73-9f62-49c6-84e0-b9f3603d7e0d_zpstyayit5m.jpg]

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New England
[Image: 47581184-9739-4EF7-8B9C-E11493AFF0E9.jpg]

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Eufros Foroafeitado LE
Epsilon LE Krion
Wacker Feinster Hohlschliff
Agua Balsámica AS
Etro Vetiver Edt

[Image: bd94856fdbbc9a0d83e27c6e460b6070.jpg]


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SOTD 5th June 2016: Last shave with the Darwin
Razor- Darwin Deluxe
Blade- Personna Platinum Chrome
Soap- Wickham Soap Co. Spice Trade
Brush- Paladin Falstaff 28mm
AS- Old Spice
EDT- Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb

[Image: 69cc5439345dd86ded37e35d5c0c9a19.jpg]

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Saturday Night 4.6

- Body Shop Maca Root
- Vie-Long 12705b Fan Shape Horse Hair
- Feather Artist Club SS
- Feather Super Professional (7)
- Brut Oceans + 444

[Image: rS2NPwh.jpg]

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expert shaver
Port Saint Lucie
AlumiGoose 2
Feather Pro Super
Saponificio Varesino Aromatic Fern SS
Omega Boar
Dove Post Shave Balm
Old Spice Aftershave

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Atlanta, GA
Gillette Super Speed (J4)
Feather (3)
Rudy Vey with Shavemac Finest
MdC Fougere
Witch Hazel
Folsom & Co Capri
Whipped Shea Butter

[Image: E687A6E0-27BA-4092-8416-FDA5993E4BF0_zps2uhaaulf.jpg]

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