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A new year and new shaves with, perhaps, some holiday gift gear. Big Grin

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[Image: oYfvqty.jpg]

The final SOTD of 2017:
Timeless Bronze / Polsilver SI,
Custom synthetic brush,
Phoenix & Beau Albion shaving soap,
4711 Original EDS After Shave
Happy New Year to everybody!  Smile

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- Sergey
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Happy New Year!!!

Mastro Livi loom
Morris & Forndran
L&L Trismegistus
AdP After Shave
AdP Balm
[Image: 27627610039_5cdc5d6f96_c.jpg]

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Razor: Ralf Aust 6/8
Strop: Mastro Livi
Brush: Vladimir Ferdman 24MM BOSS
Soap: Wholly Kaw
Balm: Nautica
Finale: Nautica

[Image: BAOamkT.jpg]

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B&M Fougère Gothique/ Paladin Tut/ Blackbird SB polished/ Perma-sharp/
B&M FG Lotion/ SC Integrity Balm

[Image: 3ac9528d60c8526f09a5d7aa42c046c8.jpg]

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expert shaver
Port Saint Lucie
SS General SE
Schick Proline P-30 Blade (2)
AOS Lemon Shave Cream
TurnNShave Synthetic Brush
Aqua Velva Balm
Canoe Cologne

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Simpson 2 Band Aficionado
Simpson Harvard 4 in 2 Band (2012)
Mach 3

[Image: oOfVfWB.jpg]

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Hoc Lapidem Non Vi Sed Saepe Cadendo!
[Image: pgMtIRb.jpg]

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Atlanta, GA
December 31, 2017
OneBlade Genesis V2
Modified Gem PTFE (6)
BSB-2 Two Band Fan
Cold River Jeff’s Soap

[Image: IMG_4617-XL.jpg]

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Last Shave of 2017
December 31, 2017

Simpson Captain 2 Manchurian
Panna Crema Nuavia Blu
RR Black Mamba DLC
Personna 74 Tungsten Plus
Barrister and Mann Reserve Cool
ADP Blue Mediterraneo Ginepro

[Image: IMG_3113-XL.jpg]

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