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San Diego, Cal., USA
Back to the normal work week but never to so-so shaves. Winking

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Home of the Spud Potato

Sunday's Planned SOTD

[Image: V4Bc5DW.jpg]

Razor: Satin Mongoose\Jurgen Hempel Ti Blue
Blade Feather Artist Club Professional (D10)
Brush: Tipsoft Blonde Badger 26mm
Bowl: Turkish 5” Copper Bowl
Pre Shave Scrub: MRGLO
Pre Shave Oil: Homemade Bay Rum w Lime
Shave Soap: Tiki Soaps Bay Rum w Lime
Post: Monster Alum Block
Aftershave: Dominica Bay Rum w lime

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Southwestern NY
[Image: dFMxR8l.jpg]

Gillette Twinjector / Gillette Twinjector twin injector blade(3)
Vintage Blades 24mm 2-Band w/Faux Horn Handle
Mike's Natural Soaps Rose & Cedarwood
Soap Commander Love ASB

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Shave of the Day

[Image: 53f7a97a19ff45b8e49488fe8016020e.jpg]

Prep: hot shower, homemade PSO
Razor: Gillette SS Red Tip
Blade: Voskhod (1)
Brush: Rubberset 400-4 Silvertip
Lather: RazoRock XXX
Shave: hot shave; face lathering; 3 passes; WTG, XTG, ATG; slide on neck
Post: alum, L'Occitane Cade shave balm

I reached for the Red Tip again, trying to perfect the technique and find a suitable blade. Tonight I chose the Voskhod, a Russian blade that seems to have worked in almost every razor I've tried. I also chose RR XXX because of its ease of lather and good cushion and slickness. I opted to do a pre shave oil tonight, a homemade variety, that would hopefully help protect my skin better on the last pass.

My findings: the Voskhod is a winner in this razor. I never experienced any tugging, burning, or irritation during the shave. In fact it was one of the most perfect feeling shaves I've ever had. I implemented the slide technique during my 3rd pass, something I usually don't do, and had great results. I could have stopped after the 3rd pass and not done any touchups but I wanted to see if I could get perfection.

It was just a matter of figuring out which way to slide my razor. Let me explain. My beard and sensitive skin don't allow me to go directly ATG on my lower neck. I have to sneak up on it so to speak. So I have started experimenting with the slide maneuver on my mid to lower neck and have found promising results. But I have to figure out which way to position the razor and slide because if I do it wrong it still feels like I'm going ATG. I finally had something figured out by the end of the shave but I had irritated a few spots some. But I think it's worth it. Its like advanced beard mapping or something.

Will be using the same setup next shave.

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Atlanta, GA
Razor – Cobra Classic
Blade – Feather Pro (4)
Brush – Rubberset 400-3 with WSP HMW
Lather – TSD Signature
Post - Witch Hazel followed by Captain’s Choice Bay Rum

[Image: F812EB97-C665-4241-ADAA-D36118449638_zpsrxo44o0g.jpg]

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Winchester VA
[Image: 2M02WVz.jpg]

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Weber PH Classic
Gillette Stainless
Simpson M7 Manchurian
Santa Maria Novella Shaving Cream
Penhaligon's Endymion After Shave Balm

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expert shaver
Rockwell 6S Plate 6
Pearl Boar
Cremo Cream Shave Cream
Nivea Sensitive Balm
Polo RED

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Metro Detroit
Fresh and Superb
I used GreenShave soap as a pre shave today, since I dropped and broke my bottle of Annie Jones PSO last night. I should have done this long ago! GreenShave is an excellent soap, loaded with shea butter, and it makes a fantastic pre shave as well. I just smeared a little on my face and lathered Seville over it. These products worked together to create optimal lather to set up my stubble for its grim Futur. Three passes on 5.5 with a Voskhod levels me with a drama free BBS, which I finished with Fine Platinum. My face feels great and I'm ready for church.
[Image: ccee7f277fab7fa3ed664b8584f63f53.jpg]

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