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San Diego, Cal., USA
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A week of timeless shaves, I'm sure. Happy2

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Home of the Spud Potato

Sunday's Planned SOTD
[Image: KjtFU83.png]

Blade: Feather FHS (D6)
Brush: IBLE 2012 Boar
Bowl: Symmetrical Pottery
Pre Shave Scrub: MRGLO
Pre Shave Oil: Homemade Rosemary Mint
Shave Soap: BWW The Black Rose
Post: Monster Alum Block
Aftershave: Pitralon (Swiss)

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Chazz Reinhold HOF
Enjoy your Sunday shaves my friends!

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San Jose, CA
[Image: 9760fc29fa06e32703efd87b41d982fe.jpg]

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Surrey, UK
15/16 Filarmonica JMP Novodur 14
Kanayama Cordovan #80000
Vie-Long Epsilon 2-Band
Vintage Manantiales de La Toja (tallow)
Spanish Floïd Mentolado Vigoroso

[Image: 1210b668-ce44-4ec4-8329-0144e55b3b1a_zpsqvfeaj00.jpg]

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[Image: a673d3777d155878d8f14589faca2765.jpg]
Totally forgot to post this last night. I haven't used Latha for ages and it was a superb shave. I'll make a concerted effort to reach for it more often.

Barrister & Mann Latha Soap
Tipsoft Blonde Badger
Razorock Stealth Slant
Personna 74 (27)
Barrister & Mann Post Shave Lotion
Floïd Blue

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[Image: 26892038900_e743426c1a_b.jpg]

English Fern // PILS // Ronney Finest

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BrutaltBra Norwegian Spruce TSN
Quercur Leathercraft Strop
Filarmonica Barbas Duras
Romera Rustic Premium Silvertip Fan
Speick AS
Etro Vetiver Edt

[Image: 522b0abc1bdae4586732c5dd1a7c220a.jpg]


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SOTD 22nd May 2016:

Razor- Darwin Deluxe
Blade- GSB
Soap- SV 70th Anniversary
Brush- Paladin Falstaff
EDT- Pehaligon's Opus 1870

[Image: c4d84d4b55c795dca5c4403ff6c7dc9c.jpg]

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Metro Detroit
Excellent shave For Flint
The lather came easily and did its job well. I used Kiehl's Calendula face wash today to help reduce the scratches that are still left from Thursday. My face feels fine otherwise. I enjoyed the light menthol from Proraso white preshave, too.
[Image: 4430f95fa4764fbf41be40e83150e18c.jpg]

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