expert shaver
Port Saint Lucie
Schone OC
Derby Premium Blade
Omega Synthetic Boar
Soap Commander Courage
Duke Cannon Ice Cold Balm
Cold River Citrus Maximus AS

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Atlanta, GA
October 21, 2019
Tatara Masamune OC with Nodachi Top Plate
Gillette 7 O’clock Yellow
Thäter 4125/3
A&E Frozen Mojitos
Myrsol Agua de Limon

[Image: IMG_7651-XL.jpg]

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Hondo TX USA
Prep: Warm Shower-Stirling Executive Man
Soap: Coate’s Almond Cream
Razor: Vintage Gillette Pre-War Fat Handle Tech
Blade: Personna Med Prep (1)
Brush: Mozingo/WSP Silvertip-24mmx52mm
Aftershave: Anucci EdT
WTG-XTG-ATG (adjusted angles for my beard)
Coate’s Almond Cream today. 20 seconds to load the Mozingo/WSP Silvertip brush. Easy, thick, slick, lather. I loaded a new Personna Med Prep in the Fat Handle Tech. Excellent smooth, close, shave. I finished with Anucci EdT.
[Image: SOTD%2010-21-19.jpg]

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Veni, vidi, vici
Vault 111
Monday, October 21
[Image: COZm4LD.jpg]
MWF~~Simpson B "Major"~~Feather ACS-RSW~~Feather Professional~~Polo
Have a great day!

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Ah, che bel vivere, che bel piacere per un barbiere di qualità... Happy2
Shaving since 1971; enjoying my shaves since 2014.

Metro Detroit
[Image: 4kS1QHb.jpg]
Musky Monday
Sakura Musk is a really good scent combo of cherry Amber and musk. Classic is not a perfect match, but does fine. I may pick up the matching splash at some point.
Rating: 5 / 5
Razor: Rockwell 6s R6
Blade: Voskhod
Brush: Lutin Chubby Lightning
Pre-Shave: PAA Cube 2.0 Menthol
Lather: Dr. Jon's Sunday Funday Sakura Musk
Aftershave: B-M Reserve Classic
Additional Care:
  B&M Fern Pomade
  PAA Mysterium Serum Menthol

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Philadelphia, PA, USA
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[Image: Xw4wrnL.jpg]
SOTD                                                        10/21/19

Great shave today with my new/old silver plated Gillette New Standard Long comb. Great razor!  Delivered a BBS face and dome shave. 

Gillette Silver Plated New Standard Long Comb
Voskhod Blade
Cold water rinse followed by PAA’s Charcoal/Menthol Cube Preshave soap 
Cremo Mint Shave Cream
L’Occitane Cade AS Balm

I feel clean and refreshed!

Enjoy your shaves,


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Cincinnati. Ohio
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[Image: abX53ww.jpg]

Monday, 21 October, 2019:

1946-1950 Gold Tech Fat Handle
Rapira Platinum Lux
CRSW Schapenmelk Shaving Soap 
Simpson M6 Best Badger Tortoiseshell 
G.F. Trumper Coral Skin Food
G.F. Trumper Astor Cologne


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Vintage Shaver
Seattle, WA
Monday AM 2019-10-21

Moss Anniversary Slate scuttle
Rooney 3/2 Ebony Finest (24/54)
Eufros/Jabonman Sandalo shaving soap (tallow)
Bob's Razor Works Gillette Old Type/Black Bull Mastiff
Personna Super Platinum Chrome (10)
Floris Santal aftershave
[Image: AMCRFJP.jpg]
[Image: CaVuZji.jpg]

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Super 84 (5)/Treet/MDC[Image: 05de698f432b5302dc6f56c278e1cefc.jpg]

Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk

Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk

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[Image: hGSyrJt.jpg]
Muhle :: Paladin :: Barrister & Mann "Reserve Classic"

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(I think I know who No.1 is!)

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