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This Thursday is Thanksgiving in the U.S.A.  However, wherever you are in the world, let's give thanks for great shaves. Happy2

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Sunday 11.19.2017

[Image: PNfBsEo.jpg]

Grooming Dept || Mallard
Paladin || Winston
Blackland || Blackbird
Pitralon || Swiss

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[Image: Wdv1pnH.jpg][Image: x60BI1s.jpg]

Wolfman WR1 SB w/ WRH2 Handle
Gillette Nacet
Doug Korn Custom D7V w/ 25mm Muhle Silvertip Fibre Knot
Barrister and Mann Reserve “Cool” Soap
Barrister and Mann Reserve “Cool” Splash

Have A Great Day!

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Home of the Spud Potato

Sunday SOTD

[Image: jpDj6bH.jpg]

Razor: Gillette Fat Handle Tech Steampunk
Blade: Gillette Spoiler (D15)
Brush: WildWestBrushworks 22mm Faux Horsehair
Scuttle: Woodhead Medium
Pre-Shave Scrub: Saponificio Varesino Honey & Grain
Pre-Shave Balm: Vitos
Shave Soap: WSO Bill the Barber
Post: Viking Soaps Old Norse
Aftershave: Floid Amber (Italian)

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The Land of Extra Cheesy
Date: 19 November 2017 "SOTM"

Pre: - Cold Water straight from the tap
Brush: - Yaqi Sagrada Familia Tuxedo Synth. 24/53mm knot
Lather: - Route 66 ~ Bay Lime Twist 4x
Bowl: - Captain's Choice
Razor: - Fatip Testina Gentile Close Comb
Blade: - Gillette Nacet #3
Post: - Lucky Tiger Aftershave & Face Tonic / L'Oreal Hydra Sensitive Aftershave Balm with Birch Sap
Fragrance: - Dolce&Gabbana Pour Homme

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[Image: qgCiQt6.jpg]

SOTD November 19, 2017:
- Timeless BRONZE & Polsilver SI,
- Simpsons Captain-2 best badger,
- Valobra Fougere shaving soap,
- Eau De Grey Flannel after shave lotion

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- Sergey
Obie wrote a wonderful post on TSN which inspired me to bring out the Ranger Tech.

[Image: jV0le1f.jpg]

It made me think why I keep buying new razors when I have such a marvelous instrument already.

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Atlanta, GA
November 19, 2017
Above The Tie Calypso R1
Feather (1)
Rubberset 400 #3 with WSP HMW
Nuàvia Blu

[Image: IMG_4595-XL.jpg]

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Razor: Wacker 6/8
Strop: Mastro Livi loom
Brush: Rick Montalvo Timberwolf
Soap: Wholly Kaw
Balm: Institute Karite
Finish: Stetson

[Image: XT4PRj4.jpg]

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Girona, Spain
This week I have received a few things and today have been the day to use all of them

I have received a Tsunami smile razor forged by italian master Riccardo Tonarini. Really looks like an axe, but is very smooth on the skin and comes with a perfect edge. You have to concentrate a little bit because of smile, you can not make the same pass like an straight razor, let's say the efect would be like a slant but in straight razor.

I have received as well the Limited Edition for Foroafeitado (biggest shaving forum in Spain) made by Extrocosmesi (Donato Ciniello), with a sandalwood aroma very present which opens to leave a clean floral point really nice that don't become cloying. The quality of lather, protection and performance is awesome.

The set have been completed with a custom brush by my friend Proyet and a Pantarei bowl by my friend Alessandro Pistoia. This set up needs the best

Have a nice sunday you all Smile

[Image: dgvc6LZ.jpg]

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