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San Diego, Cal., USA
New shaving gear or old, what did you use to get that perfect shave? Big Grin

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Chazz Reinhold HOF
As always, enjoy your Sunday shaves my friends!

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Home of the Spud Potato

Father's Day Planned SOTD

[Image: HyrxP4D.jpg]

Razor: Dubl Duck Goldedge 5/8 Full Hollow
Brush: Korn D7-XLT Romera Manchurian 26mm
Bowl: Symmetrical Pottery
Pre Shave Scrub: MRGLO
Pre Shave Balm: TSD Oakmoss Sandalwood
Shave Soap: CRSW Le Chypre Sombre LE
Post: MdC Huile végétale camomille
Aftershave: Cerruti 1881

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East Texas
Late shaving tonight.

Route 66 "A Perfect Gent"
Ever-Ready 100T | TGN Finest
1976 Gillette Super-Speed
Gillette 7 O'Clock Super Platinum (Black)

[Image: iJYmiT1.jpg]

My first impression of Route 66

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Surrey, UK
13/16 Tanifuji Fukataro Cape Kennedy NT-77
Kanayama Cordovan #80000
Vie-Long Epsilon Krion LE 3-Band Silvertip
Mystic Water Raspberry Lemon
Italian Floïd Blue

[Image: 54424c28-8bc9-419d-935b-57d6a132b4ff_zpstbamqyzz.jpg]

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New England
[Image: 193F68A2-4BE3-490F-A6B7-9669CC6D0193.jpg]

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Atlanta, GA
Mongoose B2 with Triad Ti
Feather Pro Super (5)
Simpson CH2 Synthetic
MdC Original
Witch Hazel
Fine Platinum
Whipped Shea Butter

[Image: 28F4F11E-596C-43BD-B748-7FAB9371B14A_zpseccbyci7.jpg]

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[Image: PicsArt_06-19-07.35.25.jpg]

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Metro Detroit
Happy Father's Day
My Dad lit in me a love for baseball that continues to this day. The first player who stoked my passion for the game was Mark Fidrych. He was a sensation in his rookie year, though injuries shortened his career. I had the pleasure of meeting him and getting his autograph during the final season at Tiger Stadium in 1999. My wife bought me season tickets that year as a wedding gift. He was still happy and humble as I remembered when I was a child.
The shave was another great one with Tabac.
[Image: 392e5ecae2ece704f6846a6bef1a93d8.jpg]
[Image: 95fea1664a25f3454a1dea4156970123.jpg]

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Winchester VA
Happy Father's Day Gentlemen![Image: s2KB4nI.jpg]

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