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San Diego, Cal., USA
Shaves for the week. [Image: afro.gif]

Surrey, UK
PILS Razor
Polsilver Super Iridium
Simpson Chubby 2 Manchurian
Mystic Water Poggio dei Pini
Italian Floïd Blue

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[Image: PicsArt_1439721956963.jpg]

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Metro Detroit
[Image: wokkh09.jpg]Citrus Sunday
Another superb shave with CRSW Jd'O soap and balm. I bloomed the puck with a little water then loaded with my HIS dry.  Thick lather built easily on my face, providing plenty of slickness for the Fatboy to do its job efficiently.  This no drama BBS was finished off right with the Jd'O balm, leaving my face smooth and smelling good but not too strong for church. 
I had gotten five great shaves from the previous Voskhod.  I decided to start a new one this morning so as not to take any chances. I think I could have gotten more from it. I will see how many shaves  I can get from this one. 
Prep: cool water rinse, Van Yulay PSO
Soap: Cold River Soap Works Jardin d'Orange
Brush: HIS XL
Razor: '59 Fatboy 
Blade: Voskhod (1)
AS: Cold River Soap Works Jardin d'Orange balm

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Winchester VA
[Image: UBo8LiA.jpg]

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Pol silver
Chubby 1
Chiseled Face Ghost Town Barber
Fine American blend 
[Image: e3Fq4WA.jpg]

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expert shaver
Wolfman WR1 OC Generic Stainless Bulldog Handle
Van Der Hagen Stainless Blade
Derby Shave Soap
Vie Long Boar Horsehair Brush
Fonex Balm
Pitalon Classic Aftershave

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Austin, TX
[Image: LoQXNBRl.jpg]

iKon SB DLC + Weber Bulldog Handle
Feather SS Blade
Shavemac 167
SMdF Soap
Myrsol Balsalmica AS

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Wolfman OC Triad / GSB

Chubby 2

Stirling Vanilla Sandalwood x 2

[Image: 0dc438ec4efbb4de77fa20cb438b2519.jpg]

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