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SOTD: Sunday - June 14, 2015

Shave Ready Pre Shave Gel - Lime
Mitchell's Wool Fat Soap
Plisson Synthetic Brush
Ralf Aust 5/8 Razor
Paciccella Paddle Strop
Floid Blue After Shave Lotion
Shave Ready Save Face Moisturizer

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Johnny - It's time for a shave.

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Mongoose big bomber / Kai mild

Shavemac 2-band

Shaver Heaven sweet Meyer lemon

RR Don Marco

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SOTD - June 15, 2015

Brush - Vintage Blades Finest
Soap - Krampert's Bay Rum
Razor - Muhle Jet
Blade - Polsilver Super Iridium
Afteshave - Krampert's Bay Rum

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SOTD 6-15-15

PRESHAVE: Face wash with soap and warm/hot water
RAZOR: Matador Mastiff head with MR1 handle
BLADE: Platinum Lux (2)
SOAP: CRSW Jardin d'Orange
BOWL: Steel
BRUSH: Tweezerman Badger
POST: Rinse with warm/hot water to get soap off and then some cold water rinses/splashes and pat try.

Comments: The shave today was very good! I started out with a two day growth. This was my first shave with the Matador "Mastiff" aggressive head and I was very impressed! It is a very inexpensive head, like $10 but cuts the beard like nobody's business! The head is somewhat aggressive but pretty smooth and really quite efficient. I mean it does what it is suppose to do and you can use a bit of pressure in the tough areas without the feeling of the blade is cutting you up. I achieve a DFS/BBS in three passes which the third was more touch up in a few areas rather than a full pass! I am very surprised at its performance! I put the MR1 handle on it as I only purchased the head based on someone's recommendation that I should try it! The handle fit well and matched up quite nicely to the head so this will be my inexpensive travel razor for sure. I prefer somewhat aggressive razors and now with this, I will not feel bad if something happens to it on the road or I lose it. I dont know where it is actually made and the head looks kinda cheap and has a few flaws/scraps as received but for the money, you will not find a better one if you want something a bit more aggressive! Soap, this is also the first time I used the CRSW period and also first for this flavor of it. It is a very good soap! I have no issues with the lather, protection or slickness! The scent is pretty weak which is okay for me as I don't like strong scented soaps but even this one could use a little more scent, very hard to pickup on. No irritation and no weepers/nicks! A very good shave today indeed!

I am trying not to use the term "aggressive" as much as I did and everyone does when describing a razor head. I use smooth/efficient more so as to the actual shave one gets from using the razor because I think aggressive is an overly used term. I prefer aggressive razors but now I prefer razors that don't seem aggressive but are very smooth and very efficient! Does that mean they are "Aggressive", I don't know but to me that term means more so of actually feeling the blade on your face cutting! This head and the Wolfman's are two heads that I don't really feel the blade on my skin but they just work great in getting a DFS/BBS shave without doing a bunch of passes and still have to do some touch up. I prefer the two pass with a bit of touch up vs the three or four pass shave which to me means a better chance of irritation and/or of getting nicks!

Please feel free to leave comments on any items used as I enjoy reading them to see what others say about the gear I am using/trying out! Of course, YMMV!


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