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Soap or cream, badger, boar, or synthetic, DE, SE, or straight.  Choices, choices, choices.  What were yours for this week's shaves? Winking

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[Image: xaieKOB.jpg]

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Home of the Spud Potato
Sunday SOTD
[Image: bzYtbvT.jpg]
Razor: Gillette 1932 Canadian Fat Handle Tech
Blade: Personna Reds (D7)
Brush: Zenith H1 Horse 28mm
Bowl: Asfreidaturns Texas Mesquite 4 1/4"
Pre-Shave Scrub: MRGLO Lime
Pre-Shave Balm: GroomingDept Rainforest
Shave Soap: Tallow + Steel Morning Coffee
Balm: Saponificio Varesino Puro Burro di Karitè
Aftershave: Tallow + Steel Sàsq’ets

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Hudson, NY

Max Sprecher "san mai" razor with honing kit

This razor, with its very fine Japanese steel edge, French point and long tail is a favorite.

It fits into a small cigar box with some small diamond pasted cordovan leather strops for use when traveling.

Gritomatic makes a box for storing these 4", 10, 15, 20 k Suehiro Gokumyo stones, mounted on aluminum for the Edge Pro. The stone surfaces are slightly cambered. The box is well thought out, made of plywood, with a magnetically closing lid.

This kit is all I need to shave for the rest of my life. All the other razors are just for my amusement!

[Image: %3E]

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Saint Petersburg . Russia
[Image: td3jzdH.jpg]

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[Image: IMG-3255-01.jpg]

Declaration grooming / Chatillion lux shaving soap
Frank shaving ( FS ) shaving brush
Wolfman razor
Astra superior platinum blade
AXE aftershave lotion

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Sunday, October 10
[Image: 2021-10-10.jpg]

Muhle R-41 Ti London + Polsilver Lodz
Morris & Forndran Style1 Size1 finest badger brush
Tabac original soap + Old Spice original after shave lotion

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UE (Italy)
[Image: UjvvhXp.jpg]

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Sunday, October 10, 2021.
Prep, pre shave cream. Lea: Shaving cream, lotion & balm aftershave. Semoge, synthetic hair, special edition for Barbear Classico forum 2017. Wusthof, Trident Barber's King, 220, 7/8, Solingen. Bentley for men, EdT.
[Image: b7e99f563be9d73ac6d47d5951a843df.jpg]

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