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San Diego, Cal., USA
Let's see those great shaves for the week. Happy2

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Williamsburg, KY
Sunday February 10, 2019
2019 Shave # 42
Razor: Rockwell 6s Plate 5
Blade: Sputnik (15)
Brush: Rudy Vey Beehive 26 mm Badger
Soap: Chiseled Face Summer Storm
Aftershave 1: Humphrey's Alcoholado Maravilla
Aftershave 2: Chiseled Face Summer Storm
[Image: obOOpFl.jpg]

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Max Sprecher
Las Vegas, NV
Razor: Scharff, Kober & Co.
Brush: Simpson Chubby 3
Lather: Penhaligon's English Fern Old Formula
Astringent: Thayers Witch Hazel
Nourishing: Booster Mosswood
Smell Good: Habit Rouge Guerlain Vintage

[Image: sotd192.jpg]

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"Simple: not to be confused with easy."

Sábado 9 Febrero 2019

• The Club Baccara Club
• Simpson Chubby 2 Synthetic
• Wolfman WR2 SB 0.95 / WRH1
• Feather
• The Club Baccara Club AS

[Image: e39d7009e5ad747345083bc99dee68d4.jpg]

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[Image: fqbeGst.jpg]

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The Dark Lord of Wet Shaving
Date: 10 February 2019

Pre-shave:- Cold Water straight from the tap
Brush:- RazoRock Plissoft Synth. 24/57mm knot
Soap/Cream:- Arko (4 shaving sticks grated into a 250ml plastic tub)
Bowl/Scuttle:- Captain's Choice
Razor/Blade:- Karve CB 'E' / Vintage NOS England Wilkinson Sword #15
Post-shave:- Thayers Witch Hazel & Tea Tree Oil / WAHL Bay Rum Aftershave Splash
Fragrance:- Davidoff Cool Water Wave

10 days down, 18 days to go for the whole month of Arko February shave.

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Simpson 2 Band Aficionado
Thäter 2 Band
SV Manna di Sicilia
Mach 3

[Image: Z6NxLnY.jpg]

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Hoc Lapidem Non Vi Sed Saepe Cadendo!

Atlanta, GA
February 10, 2019
Supply SE V2 - 2 dot plate
Schick Proline
MdC Vetyver
Fine Fresh Vetiver Aftershave
Gueralin Vetiver Edt

[Image: IMG_6225-XL.jpg]

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Pre: Hot towel, Crew oil
Razor: Gillette Slim H 1 1962 (5)
Blade: Feather
Bowl: Handmade bowl, Mk2
Brush: RazoRock Silvertip Synthetic
Soap: Barrister's Reserve Cool
Post: APR Festivus.
Have a good week gents.

[Image: IMG-4109.jpg]

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SOTN February 10, 2019:

[Image: e54f7304dfea.jpg]

Paradigm SE + Feather Pro Super (1)
M&F Style1 24mm finest
Wholly Kaw ‘King of Bourbon” soap & aftershave

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