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Hinoki & Sage - The Future Is Here...because this is far too versatile and addictive to be just a holiday scent! THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE SHAVE CADETS!

Scent Profile: Hinoki Cypress & White Sage with notes of: White Peppercorn, Clove Bud, Cypress Needle, Cedar Bark, Birchwood, Siberian Pine, Warm Amber, Crushed Moss, Vanilla Bean.

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THIS my fellow shave cadets was probably EVERYONE'S favorite "Ghost of Future Scents" in last December's Advent Calendar! It's true, this was such a huge hit that even those who had yet to get their noses on it were demanding a release! Not wanting to limit this to a holiday scent we decided to hold off on the temptation of releasing it sooner. Again, there is just soooo much more going on with this accord than your typical winter holiday release!

What Makes Hinoki & Sage So Magical? The short answer, SCIENCE.

In 1982, the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries coined a new phrase that defined a specific practice of Nature Therapy: Shinrin Yoku, or "Forest Bathing". The practice is exactly what it sounds like, spending time in nature without necessarily exerting yourself with a hike or more intense physical activity.

Studies funded by Japanese officials have shown its benefit on both mental and physical health. It should come as no surprise then, that one of the most prized forest dwellers native to Japan has grown in popularity outside of the island nation for its stress-relieving properties! The Hinoki or Japanese Cypress is an aromatic, anxiety relieving treat to all and combined white sage and a few supportive scent notes, makes for a bouquet of bliss!

Take that first step into spring with Hinoki & Sage, an enchanting, masculine blend of EPIC!

"Try Something Different, Phoenix Shaving!"

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Sounds like a great scent. Saw the email 10 minutes after it came in... Order placed 2 minutes after that.

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