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The 3 knots I'm discussing in this thread are excellent face lathers, have been available for years but for some reason has garnered very little review attention. Side note: the TGN has had it's share of attention years ago but in the last years nada.

I'll start with a knot a TGN that I believe most people in the wet shaving community has used, have or had at lest one brush with one of their knots. For this unappreciated knot thread I chose the TGN Finest. This knot is a hit or miss I've had TGN Finest 24 fans put into 11 brushes (5 of these brushes I gave as gifts, 3 I still have) through the years. These knot are of medium backbone and moderate density, the kicker here is the tips can have some presence, not scritchy but presence or they can have beautiful soft tips. I kept 3 those that have beautiful soft tips. One Elite, two WW.

Ramero is a brush maker who you either love or hate. I am not criticizing his work since I've only had good experiences, though there have been a few complaints abut the finish on some of his handles, his customer service/responding to emails and the length of time it takes to receive your brush after you've placed and paid for your order, yes it does take some time.

I have purchase a few brushes from Ramera which I've sold though I like the knots. I had also purchased 3 knots when Romero made them available. One of his knots I put into a Elite wooden handle (Jerusalem olive wood, lotus style handle). The knot came out 25.5 x 53. I found that these knots have medium backbone with very nice density that gives a nice lathering massage. The tips start out with mild presence, after 6 lathering they become delightfully soft not gel but a with some spring to the their softness.

Another knot which has had very little review exposure is the El Druida. It's a lovely knot that is different than what's on the market today, soft to medium backbone, moderate density with silky soft tips (resilient fine hairs). I once compared this knot to be similar to a Wiborg. I purchased 2 of them a 24 and 26.
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Those are some lovely brushes. Happy2
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