DFS 2018 LE Brush Announced!!! Read more here!!

[Image: 7db776ddf3e87b384459ca1fb8fe5cc6.jpg]

[Image: 86c19317fd1f0e955dfa03bdd9646b16.jpg]

[Image: 05fea5e8ffa4e4a31a8c29512ebc0e69.jpg]

[Image: 030d07b0ed995b9b25d97fed925df489.jpg]

[Image: 39605a4c21958ca9db5bf7edf6ce7136.jpg]

[Image: cf28fe62f95ad03a24d094be47c03e16.jpg]
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That looks delicious! Smile
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Philadelphia, PA
Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.
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Central Maine
Looks good!
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