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All prices are USD, include shipping to CONUS + Canada, and G&S fees. 

Yates H-Plate All Titanium: $239 and get a FREE Grooming Dept soap and aftershave ($48 USD new) below
Skip the 5 week wait and get this smooth shaver that just mows down growth. Tough one to let go. 

[Image: HILQOVm.jpg][Image: Q49Sowj.jpg][Image: urzENpE.jpg][Image: zFmzb5c.jpg]

Aluminum Tritok Concave R52: $45 SOLD
A great shaver that sets the angle for you. Two passes is all you need. 
[Image: 7gxtBYc.jpg][Image: xijY1o7.jpg]

Trotter Handcrafts Portal with T1 Manchurian knot: $87 SOLD
This thing is plush and feels fantastic on the face. Lather with ease. Easily up there with high end brushes I’ve acquired in the past. More of a boar guy now. 
[Image: C96sOWg.jpg][Image: P9iF7NH.jpg]

Grooming Dept. Laundry 2 soap and splash - used 5x: $35
A generously filled container with a light and airy scent. Splash currently unavailable. Will not split set. 
[Image: uMOKN3e.jpg]

Grooming Dept. Luxury, unused: $20
A smooth blend of leather and real oud. No longer available. SOLD
[Image: uXH0F6W.jpg]

B&M Passiflora Set, unused: $20 SOLD

A great summertime scent. Alas my cupboard is full of soaps in this category and this great set goes away at a discount to a new owner. 
[Image: v3w0ga6.jpg]

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I'll take Luxury if it's still available. PM sent.

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Bump, open to offers especially if combining items as it saves me shipping costs.

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Weekend bump with special deals!

Buy the Yates and get the Grooming Dept Laundry set for FREE! ($50 usd new)

Buy the Brush or Tritok and get the Passiflora set FREE! ($30 value)

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Willing to accommodate offers for the Yates and GD set. Shoot me a message.

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Steal of a deal

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Last bump before holidays

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Chester County, PA
3.5” handle on the Yates Ti?

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Stonewash finish?

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My apologies dtownvino and keto, I did not get notified of your response.

It’s bead blast and 4” handle, which is wonderfully balanced in Ti.

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