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Selling my Yaqi Sputnik razor which resembles the Tatara (handle) and Hone (head). Beautifully finished this razor can shave close with no irritation. The gap is 1.25 with some blade feel. End tabs of the blade are covered and the razor fits together like a glove. All aluminum weight is 1.9 oz.
Comes with the stand and original box.

Only $60 including USA shipping.
Yes only $50 includes USA shipping
[Image: SJFogLC.jpg]

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expert shaver
Someone brought to my attention that Aliexpress is selling this razor set for $60.16. However, they charge a customs charge and banks or credit card companies charge a foreign transaction fee. Not to mention waiting 30 days for delivery.

expert shaver
Price reduction. Shaves better then an ERA L5 IMHO
I have bought from AliExpress many times and have never been charged these fees of which you speak.


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