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I have a tub of RP Intrepid Soap (Used 1 x) and the Matching After Shave Balm (Used maybe 4 x.  I tried to over come the menthol but just couldn't)  I am looking to trade for an Aftershave of equal value of course that does not have menthol.  I have plenty of soaps and creams but would consider one of these creams or aftershave in them I would also consider selling them the soap original price was $13.99 + shipping and the AS Balm is on sale right now at RP's website for $7.99 + shipping I will sell them together for $15 shipped.

I am also adding in a tub of Razorock Chicago (used 1x) (picture to come) retails for $7.99 will sell the whole lot for $20  $18 shipped or will trade. SOLD

Geo F Trumpers
D.R. Harris
I Coloniali Mango
Czech Speake

[Image: 1P1kGjT.jpg]
[Image: iezBZOu.jpg]
[Image: O2CpyZY.jpg]
Added RR Chicago to the mix. Will sell the lot for $20 shipped.
Smokin deal! Come on people.
picture added for the Razorock
Price Drop $18 Shipped for everything

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