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Before buying a whole tub I want to find out if I like the scent of RazoRock Zi' Peppino soap. I'd like to trade two 5-packs of Voskhod blades for a sample. A spoonful smooshed flat in a ziploc bag and sent in a regular envelope would be fine. Please send me a PM if you're interested. 

[Image: TBh8uEc.jpg]

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shoot i wish i still had some for you i would have just sent it to you. hopefully someone will have some.

South Saint Louis, MO
I have about half of a tub I'd be happy to send you. I just don't ever find myself reaching for it any more. Shoot me a PM with your address and I'll send it your way.
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Wow, guys! What generosity! Thank you, both. PM on its way, hawns.

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