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caties has been traded. Zi pep still available for trade only. Would love to see a trade for Stirling bay rum. 

Hey everyone, up for trade are two fantastic soaps that perform excellent, but I am not in love with the scent.  As Chris Bailey says, "life is too short to shave with a scent you do not enjoy," therefore, I am offering them both up for trade.  Soaps I am interested in: Mikes Natural Vetiver, B&M Seville, Reef Point Fougere santayl, Manly scented Stirling or any other make, Dr. Harris Windsor.  I am also interested in aftershaves, fine American blend in particular. If you have anything else you would like to offer up just shoot me a PM.  UJG was used once and Zi Pep 3x.  Thanks for looking.

[Image: gBLVZlO.jpg][Image: sFx42de.jpg]
Kramparts bay rum, buffleheads?
Still available
I have stirling barbershop puck, unused.

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