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Looking to trade my Streamline. Razor is in very good shape and shaves flawlessly.  The case has a piece that chipped off of it. I have the piece and it should be able to be glued (I’ve just been too lazy to try). I don’t have the leather strop for the stropper either.  I hate to let it go but I’m really only using mild razors these days. Will consider sale but looking for other higher end razors or Declaration or Varlet brushes at this point.

Edit- will sell for $175 CONUS

Thanks for looking.

[Image: DSvZjuo.jpg][Image: y3jqr22.jpg][Image: 6dGjoHK.jpg][Image: bJhdyQi.jpg][Image: TnwLxCF.jpg][Image: WEQ76ZE.jpg][Image: 2fgkJvk.jpg]

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Added option to buy
Price drop to $160
Sold pending funds
Sold. Please archive

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