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I hope everyone is doing well. Looking to move some items.

Gillette Redtip- very good condition. $30  Now $25 shipped

NOS AOS Sandalwood tallow- as you can see I have a few of these. I love the performance but will probably tire of the scent before I finish these. Looking to trade for other Valobra/AOS tallow scents. Will also consider GFT Potassium Palmate pucks. New/unused only. Ideally looking to trade 3-5 of these to one person.

[Image: 20200413_071819-jpg.1086269]

[Image: 20200413_072110-jpg.1086270]

[Image: 20200413_072022-jpg.1086271]

[Image: 20200413_072001-jpg.1086272]

[Image: 20200413_072052-jpg.1086273]

[Image: 20200413_072038-jpg.1086274]

[Image: 20200413_071710-jpg.1086276]
Last price drop. Now $25 shipped
Gillette sold. Keeping the AOS.

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