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Hi All,

Up for sale/trade is my Gillette Bell Handle Aristocrat. For being 100 years razor and blade banks are in good condition for their age. The case in fair condition. The razor has 3 bent corners and some plate loss on the head but it does not affect shaving. There is a small crack in the corner of the case and s couple chips. I have done my best to show the condition of the razor through the photos (these are from a couple weeks ago- I can update the date if needed).  I can also provide more if requested.

I am looking for $125 shipped. CONUS and PayPal only (fees included).

I am also open to full or partial trades with cash including:

ATT S1 or similar
Wolf man razor or head
LASSCO BBS-1 razor or head


[Image: ISnFsH9.jpg][Image: i8sZOIG.jpg][Image: 7bpZ9Cz.jpg][Image: Yxw48EX.jpg]

Thanks for looking!


Clayton, CA
Pm sent.

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