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Moving sale - Wild West Brushworks Campout handle being sold with a Maggards 24mm 2-band knot.  The handle is 68mm tall and is drilled to a depth of 15mm.  Both are new/unused. I’m just not gonna have time to get around to this project, so my loss is your gain. The colors and finish on the handle are stunning - the pics don’t do it justice (sorry for the glare). A little silicone adhesive and your good to go!
$45 shipped CONUS for the knot + handle bundle. I paid about $70 retail for these items.
[Image: a20fd9b7e6036dcc39b66e718638efac.jpg]
[Image: b0bd32e71abd08705e48f25465d12dc7.jpg]
[Image: 8993f4476093e4dd986dcd2b3d4580fe.jpg]
[Image: 98865326fe900b04979e362f07ac86fc.jpg]
I’ll take it. Just send me your info

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