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Hello Everyone!! Today I have a Mongoose Polished Head Razor with DUB Slim razor up for grabs, its a batch 2 and shaves wonderful. Great razor but recently I just find myself not reaching for it as I have been getting better shaves from other razors. So its time for to to go and make room for something else. Include with the razor is partial boxes of Feather Professional Supers & Kia Captain Titan ProTouch. I'm looking to get $160 via PayPal w/ free CONUS shipping. My main goal is to sell it but I might also be willing to do part cash and part trade for some of the items below. (See very bottom for pictures).

Things I would consider trading the Mongoose for:
  • Wolfman Razor
  • Thater 4125/3 2-Band (may consider a 4125/2)
  • any Paladin Brush
  • ATT R1 & R2 plates & top cap
  • iKon Bamboo Handle
  • iKon Top Cap (that will work with Deluxe/SB/OSS head)
  • Hempel Wave Handle TI (prefer blue tinted one)
  • TWSBI 580 AL Fountain Pen (any nib size or color)
  • Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen
  • Pilot 823 Fountain Pen
  • May Consider other fountain pens
  • aponifico Varesino 70th Anniversary (aftershave only)
  • Barrister & Mann Leviathan (aftershave only)
  • Mickey Lee Soapworks - The Kraken (aftershave & soap)
  • PolSilver Super Iridium Blades
  • Gillette Silver Blue Blades

[Image: p1NUtvw.jpg]

[Image: STKXSJR.jpg]

[Image: nsmPW1b.jpg]

[Image: csBPq5l.jpg]

[Image: f1tFN1H.jpg]

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