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The LESCHY is a 3 piece offering from StandoPolska Razors, Made in Poland.
Leschy is a medium aggressive razor
The razor has been made of AISI316 stainless steel, CNC machined, satined.

Weight: 103.8 g
Handle length: 95mm
Blade gap: 1.25
Msrp: $148+$12shipping

1x used only, like new. Selling $130 $125 shipped, ConUs, PayPal.
[Image: kUk1jjY.jpg][Image: hf5Fr7E.jpg][Image: gnmj8DN.jpg][Image: GgJHP8d.jpg][Image: fEBZ7xR.jpg]

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My screen must be playing tricks on me as it looks more copper than stainless steel. Regardless, it’s a great looking razor. GLWTS!

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Bump for the week. Now $125 shipped!
SOLD. Thank you

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