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I am offering the following items for sale; all prices include CONUS shipping.

- Phoenix & Beau ‘Imperial Rum’ (used once) $16
- Eleven Shaving ‘Lime & Basil’ (used once) $14 (Sold)
- Eufros ‘Lima-Especias’ (used once) $26 (Sold)
- Ariana & Evans ‘Vanille de Tabac’ (used once) $16 (Sold)
- Barrister & Mann ‘Rhapsody’ (75%) $13 (Sold)
- West of Olympia ‘Lust’ (new) $25 (Sold)

- Stork ‘Diplomat’ Titanium Handle 13x90 mm $77 (Sold)
- Barbaros ‘Kalyon’ SS Handle 14x85 mm $36

Please send a PM with questions and/or interest. Thank you for looking.

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- Josh
Awesome guy. Buy with confidence !

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(08-26-2018, 05:57 PM)jshaves2554 Wrote: Awesome guy. Buy with confidence !
Couldn't agree more.

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Cheers, gentlemen! Big Grin

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- Josh

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