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Looking to see the following as a lot only. I think to continue to thin my den and these are cutting deep. Looking for $105 shipped CONUS ONLY.

MLS Unforgiven Set- 95%+
Wholly Kaw DM Cuero Oscuro set- 95%+
L&L Grooming DFS set- 80%+
Tim’s Soap BoC- 99% (used once)
B&M SoA- 80%+

[Image: T8tKEwF.jpg][Image: 9D97Ssa.jpg]

Thanks for looking.

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I like big knots 'n I cannot lie!
San Antonio, TX
I might be interested in a set of 2 possibly, if u end up splitting
Bump up.

Oh nice lot, some great performers there.

Also Justin is a great guy so you'll be happy with the purchase for sure.

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Brushes. I can't stop buying brushes.

BTW have any brushes???
Weekend bump. Price drop to $95 or will put them back in my den.
Sold. Thank you DFS and buyer. Please archive.

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