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Selling the following brushes; great performers with no issues (all prices include shipping, CONUS only):
1. Shavemac Silvertip brush (25x51mm) - my price: $48
2. Heritage Gel tipped brush (26x51mm) - my price: $75
[Image: 0a0cf8a59bd5a57e48f334663064248e.jpg]
[Image: 89cf406927ad4c3aa462d6ed51f16ceb.jpg]

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Both look like they are great prices at great prices! GLWTS
Better pics (I think)...
[Image: 00a06354948e6e76b9e7fbadb4e9846f.plist]
[Image: b2c4c5e073bb6b918510d6f65aa16128.plist]

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Shavemac is SOLD!
Last chance price drop on the Heritage brush to $70 shipped. I will happily send it back to my den if no takers.
I'm surprised no one has snagged that Heritage yet. I have the same one and its outstanding.


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