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all prices include shipping and G&S fee

Alpha Claymore SE and stand and pack of Feather Pros- used 1X. Shipped in a canvas bag within a bamboo tube. Currently sold out.  Small scratch under the topcap from me trying to force a feather super in there. Only accepts Pros, Prolines, proguard, and softguard blades.  $125. Price will be $144 without the stand whenever these come back in stock. SOLD

RR Lupo .72 barberpole handle- Brand new. Took it out of the box(included) to take photos. Bought it for travel but a newborn doesnt allow much travel, so its collecting dust- $50 shipped.

PannaCrema Nuavia Blu- scooped 1x. 32$ SOLD
The Club Kaizen 2 formula Chasing the dragon set. scooped 1x. 35$
Eufros Dama de noche scooped 1x- $18
AE shaving butter Vetimore- Scooped 1x- $14 SOLD

[Image: XOi2Qu9.jpg]
[Image: XKP1gq7.jpg]
[Image: iNAHTAa.jpg]
[Image: gH1b8ZX.jpg]
[Image: KSrfE0M.jpg]
[Image: SzHZvF3.jpg]
[Image: nrb70pW.jpg]
[Image: ughEa8v.jpg]

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shaving butter sold.
PannaCrema sold
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Alpha sold.
Eufros sold. Kaizen 2 left
K2 set will be PIF. thanks DFS.

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