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I have a couple of razors that I have for sale today. CONUS only and payment through PayPal please. Please let me know if you have any questions.

1) Mergress Long handle - Comes w/ the box and razor was used once. Asking $ 85 shipped (SOLD)

2) Rockwell 6S - Comes w/ the tin and all 3 plates and handle. I used plate #4 about 6 times. The other plates have not been used. The tin case came to me w/ a dent. I tried to pick it up w/ the camera. The razor shaves great but I just reach from my Above The Tie plates more often. Asking $75 shipped. (SOLD)

[Image: JfZ86Ig.jpg]

[Image: MPomENF.jpg]

[Image: HeQOQ7u.jpg]

[Image: irXBsyC.jpg]

[Image: tSAwmPN.jpg]
PMed for the 6S.
Unlikely Seconds on the 6s Sad

Restitutor Orbis
6s is really an amazing razor. Great deal Smile
Sorry, the 6S has sold. It really is a great razor but I always reach for the ATT S1 and R1.

The Mergress is still available, new price $85.
Both razors are sold. Thank you!

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