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Family emergency came up so I’ve decided to sell my mirror polished wolfman received late august for retail price + shipping. See photos and Invoice. Ships priority today.

Price for CONUS G&S + priority shipping is:  $620 shipped today. 

[Image: 9-CE86-ED7-E75-F-4-C3-C-83-EA-29-FD9429-D480.jpg]
[Image: 6865337-E-9761-4767-B60-D-E49644-A6133-E.jpg]
[Image: 328-A09-EA-A156-4-C91-8-DF4-5363-C1-C36711.jpg]
[Image: 8-CDA37-A4-6-AAB-471-A-9-D66-AF098063488-C.jpg]
[Image: ABB2-B58-F-3-DC4-4-DBF-9-D74-69-DCAB81-E626.jpg]
[Image: BB993899-62-D0-47-FB-BD83-7-D329-D432974.jpg]
[Image: FE93-D8-FA-6-AC5-4-C3-A-B2-C8-6111516-E82-D0.jpg]

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Sold pending funds.

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