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So I have a immaculate condition iKon SE Handle that just doesnt fit well in my hand. I have only used it 2 or 3 times. I'm mostly looking to sell it but I do have a small list of items I would trade for (if needed maybe willing to add cash to even trade). Looking to get $50 shipped CONUS

Looking for:
  • Ginger Swirl or Dr Bomber Handle (mongoose)
  • Feather Artist Club SS (prefer folding .. and green but I'm open)
  • Feather Artist Club style blades (for mongoose)
  • iKon DLC Standard or OC Head only.
  • Might entertain a brush as long as its a 26mm or larger knot

[Image: ElSEu27LbsBANb3YDJSk1MPv1D5Qzi6pnFoSW9mz...74-h827-no]

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