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Hey everyone, thinning the den with some good stuff up for sale today. Add $4 for shipping, CONUS only. If you buy more than one group we can work out a discount. Thanks for looking!
  • **SOLD** B&M 42 Soap and AS set: Each used once - $32
  • **SOLD** WK Monaco Royale:: Excellent donkey milk formula, 95% - $20
  • Latha Lot with Proraso: Latha Limon (used 3x), Figgy Puddin' (used 5x), Taiga (70%), and Proraso Green (cream in tube, 90%) - $25
  • AS Pair: Fine Snake Bite (60%), Thayer's Lavender Mint Astringent (95%) - $10

[Image: bHGdh84.jpg]
[Image: ZyGMjOn.jpg]
[Image: y4aBmw7.jpg]
[Image: fPhXsDX.jpg]
[Image: 13FgS9n.jpg]
[Image: cQ29J64.jpg]
[Image: BD2u4py.jpg]
[Image: kiF4lNz.jpg]

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