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Sold. Please archive.


today I have two SE razors for sale:

1) ATT SE1 , SE2, top cap, Weber standard handle - My price is USD 150,- shipped (insured, tracked) to your door. New both the SE1 & SE2 Single Edge Base Plates & the Single Edge Cap cost USD 199,-. Razor is in very good condition.

[Image: 6Wrg1t7.jpg]
[Image: X2uuCp0.jpg]
[Image: cSP1uzi.jpg]

2) Colonial Razors The General Black AL -My price is USD 50,- shipped (insured, tracked) to your door. Razor is in great condition.

[Image: UXfuspT.jpg]
[Image: IpU1ZZz.jpg]
[Image: MuCAYqO.jpg]

I am shipping from EU, please take a notice, international shipping takes more time, usually 7-21 days to the U. S.  After shipment will send you via PM system bill from post office where is sender and addressee, tracking number and tracking link in English. If you have any questions or if you need more pics, let me know. Thanks for looking.

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Al Colonial - Sold!

Price on ATT drops to USD 129,- shipped.

ATT has sold. Thank you to buyer and DFS.

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