DFS Horizon Collaboration with Black Mountain Shaving. Going live on 11/17/23. Read more here!!

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Above the Tie X1 Slant on Atlas handle with box and stand - $165 shipped conus -sold

Above the Tie X1 Slant on Kronos handle no box. - $135 shipped conus

Razorock Gamechanger .68p with .68oc plate on Above the Tie Windsor Pro Kronos handle - $65 shipped conus - sold

New Yaqi 316 Stainless Mellon Head on Razorock Bulldog Handle -$35 shipped conus - sold

PayPal goods and services

Plenty of feedback on arfcom as Kaufdrop and eBay as chuddles27


[Image: YuYCgR6.jpg]
[Image: gXH5xMr.jpg][Image: 3laKaZJ.jpg]

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Excellent seller! Buy with confidence!

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