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Hello everyone!

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to find a couple more Schick Lady Injector packages of 6. Apparently, they were not so popular back then in Greece, that's why I was able to find all of them.

I am offering the razors of one of these packages today. The price is even better than the previous times in order for everyone to have an opportunity to try this great performing razor.

All the razors are NOS( New Old Stock) and their packagings are in perfect condition. It's a razor from the 1960's.

Each razor comes with two vintage Schick Super Chromium blades that perform fantastic. I'd say they perform better than the blades that are in-production today.

Also, this model has the hydromagic lever, which makes the cleaning of the razor very easy, leaving no soap residue or hairs left.

[Image: 20160724_170018_zpscxj3ngl5.jpg]

[Image: 20160724_170039_zpst3c8uhbh.jpg]

The price for each eazor is 23$ plus 7$ for the shipping cost. I can ship worldwide!

Current listing on ebay from a seller: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Yellow-Lady-...SwxN5WZfXC

If you have any further question, feel free to ask me.

Thanks for looking!

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2 NOS razors are now available!

Thank you!
The remaining razors have been sold!

Thank you buyers and DFS!

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