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I have a rare custom .85 gap WR2, SS mirror polished, with a hollow and shorter 80mm WRH2 handle. This is a bit milder than the standard .95, and is comparable to a Karve B or Rockwell R2.

Looking for another WR2 that is .95 or higher. Willing to trade just the head or the entire razor. Mine is mirror polished, so I'm looking for the same if trading just the head. I'm open to other handles and finishes if trading the entire razor, with a preference for basic brushed / matte finish (here's your chance to upgrade).

NOT FOR SALE and no other trades will be considered. I'm located in Southeast Asia, so you must be okay with international shipping. I've never had any issues with items arriving safely.

Let me know!

[Image: Nkqpzs9.jpg]
[Image: elJVFes.jpg]
[Image: znwlp04.jpg]

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Head swapped. Thanks DFS and user!

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