Vintage Shaver
Seattle, WA
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Offered is a beautiful Wolfman WR1-SB stainless steel razor in almost-new condition, with minimal signs of use.  It has been used gently and carefully, always with a nylon washer.  Its gap is medium to aggressive .80mm.  The finish is the top-of-the-line mirror polish.  It has a solid WRH1 handle in the standard 90mm length.  Comes with original box and polishing cloth.  $725 shipped CONUS.  SOLD on eBay for $815.  Sorry, guys.
[Image: enWRIPw.jpg][Image: y1YdyTT.jpg]
[Image: ZvROXMc.jpg][Image: gIlsf6X.jpg][Image: 2Z98G8H.jpg][Image: 7z03kJl.jpg][Image: 6o51Dph.jpg][Image: il8ibGf.jpg][Image: wWvUTKh.jpg][Image: RQdxWUv.jpg]

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